Our social responsibility
At i6 we believe playing an active role within the industry will make an important contribution towards protecting and safeguarding the health of our planet.
Our approach
Our people make a difference to us as an organisation and we believe they are making a contribution to improve the health of our planet.  

We applaud the disruptive nature of our employees in helping to shake up established markets in order to create the ‘new.’
These are aligned and connected to our 6i’s;


We continue to innovate and create more sustainable products 


We are applying sustainability to all aspects of our organisation and products


Creating a socially responsible workplace culture  our employees value


Holding ourselves, our suppliers and customer communities accountable


Using our unique position to actively encourage and drive the aviation transition


Our journey of learning and evolution

“At i6, we strive towards improving our governance and environmental performance by using our sustainability ambition to help shape our investment decisions in product development together with long term strategic partnerships”

Steve Uhrmacher & Alex Mattos
CEO/COO i6 Group

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1. Our Products
We have pioneered the use of real time mobile solutions within the aviation industry.  This has enabled improved data capture and insights which drives operational efficiency, transparency and optimisation, eliminating any fuel waste.

Our products significantly improve data availability regarding the supply, transportation, use and management of fuel.  We will have a greater role to play as the industry transitions towards  emerging fuel technologies.
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2. Our Practices
Our headquarters are located at Farnborough Airport, UK. We selected this airport for its commitment and proactivity towards its environmental performance.  

We are proud to have a long term partnership with Farnborough Airport and our software services have been designed to encompass many environmental airport initiatives across the site in support of daily operations.  

From an employee perspective we actively encourage participation in sustainable activities as demonstrated through our Ecologi initiative - over the last 6 months we have planted 6,150 trees, we’ve offset all our employees travel, commuting and energy costs (Climate Positive) which has saved 100 tonnes of CO2 emissions.
3. Our Policies
Sustainability is at the epicentre of our business.  We promote an organisational culture that places great emphasis on integrity, trust and well-being.  We are currently working towards a B-Corp accreditation which has targeted social responsibility across all areas of the business, from improving gender inequality to ensuring our office space is as environmentally friendly as can be.

Employee Well-being is embedded in our culture.
We support our employees in every way we can. We have targeted five areas of focus; financial, spiritual, mental, physical & emotional, delivering activities with these themes in mind.






As one team we are getting involved with how our company is run and advocate every individual employee to offer their input. We are setting ambitious targets to maintain high levels of engagement in our annual employee engagement survey
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4. Supply Chains
We embed sustainability across our supply chain and within our long-term partnering agreements.  

These include, but are not limited to, the following organisations:

"Sustainability is one of our core values at Google, and we have been a leaderon climate change since the company’s founding over 20 years ago"

Google Environmental Report, 2020

"Microsoft has been carbon neutral across the world since 2012 and commits to being carbon negative by 2030. Our goal is to promote sustainable development and low-carbon business practices globally through our sustainable business practices and cloud-enabled technologies."

Microsoft Group

5. Industry
Our role in helping climate neutrality
Fuel price remains one of the biggest challenges faced by the airline industry.  Our solutions protect both airlines and suppliers through the real-time availability of data together, with i6 already having a strong track record in fuel management optimisation.

Our pioneering eHandshake solution is already in use with airlines around the world.  
The needs of airlines and suppliers continue to evolve as they seek to improve productivity while meeting changing consumer preferences and  sustainability goals.

Due to our unique position we believe in creating a digital world to connect all aspects of aviation.  Together, our team has the ability to turn many of today’s complex challenges into solutions for tomorrow.
Our commitment to sustainability is fully aligned with industry ambitions for climate neutrality by 2050 (IATA/ICAO). The airline industry is facing a financial crisis amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic with anticipated revenue losses of c.USD252 billion in 2020 (source IATA).
Looking Ahead
Until recently, air travel has only had one source of energy. Given increasing industry focus around cutting CO2 emissions, air transport is now transitioning towards the implementation of alternative fuels.

Every day we work hard to ensure all of our products include consideration of the future state of evolving market demands and legislative requirements.  As an organisation we believe we are able to accelerate the digital management around Sustainable Aviation Fuel as this becomes increasingly used on a global basis.
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6. Development & Accountability

In order to achieve our sustainability goals we are mindful of how we run i6 and develop our products. We will continue to work with industry and sustainable experts to ensure we are in line with global standards, and are constantly improving and learning as environmentally friendly practices develop.

UN Sustainable Goals

Our sustainable i’s are driven and inspired by the UN Sustainable Goals, and we will continue to align our ambitions to ensure peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.

Supporting the aviation industry agenda & ambition

We are aligned and support the use of the IATA Fuel Data Standards and other standardisation groups such as AIDX and PIDX. We are constantly evolving our product offering to provide smarter ways of working in line with industry requirements and anticipated changes.


Our sustainability governance is evolving and in the future will be supported by a dedicated sustainability officer.    

As a technology business we believe we are charged with reimagining the art of the possible.  Since we began our aviation journey we have constantly sought to innovate and provide modern, scalable solutions that add more than monetary value to our customers and society.

Audit & Investigations

We undertake regular internal audits and use 3rd party advisory (where appropriate) and investigation services.  These include (but are not limited) to the following accreditations;

SOC2 (CyberGuard)
ISO27001 (ISQQL)
ISO9001 (BSI)


i6 has a long standing commitment towards transparency and provides increasing reporting on this as part of specific organisational accreditations.

Operational standards, governance and processes are regularly reviewed as part of our ongoing commitment to improve and become more transparent.

© 2021 i6 Group Ltd | All Rights Reserved | Made In England. | Company No. 9730618

© 2021 i6 Group Ltd | All Rights Reserved | Made In England. | Company No. 9730618


Part of our journey has created strategic relationships and partnerships which have fast tracked our progress and scaling.  

We have a powerful investor syndicate of strategic industry investors with like minded ambition and climate neutrality goals. i6 has the ambition to help create a truly connected digital world for the aviation industry.  

We have established a number of key partnerships which help us on this journey.


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© 2020 i6 Group Ltd | All Rights Reserved | Made In England. | Company No. 9730618

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