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Perspective6 provides a real-time view of key airline and supplier information with powerful reporting.

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"i6 has successfully deployed their platform at all our major locations in Canada, giving us complete real time visibility to our operation and a paperless environment."
- Air Canada

Essential Airline and Fuel Supplier information.

Better understand your fuelling data.

Airline Portal

A real-time view of fuelling operations and stock levels at your sites, allowing you to manage your fuel supply chain.

Fuel Supplier Portal

Manage all aspects of fuel supply, storage, distribution, and real-time electronic fuel tickets

Data Entry Module

Capture flight and fuelling event data in the cloud for powerful reporting.

Custom Reporting

Access to a wide range of detailed and customisable reports to provide the data you need.
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Menzies refuller

British Airways cuts thousands of tonnes of CO2.

Learn about how British Airways were able to leverage our technology for more accurate data transmission and optimised refuelling at LHR.
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"From investing in sustainable aviation fuels to flying more fuel-efficient aircraft, we’re helping drive change within our industry.”
- Captain Spencer Norton Manager, Flight Efficiency & Evaluation Flight Operations, British Airways