Synthesis6 - our new commercial fuel management platform

Allowing airlines to better control global fuel costs

We’re excited to announce the launch of Synthesis6, our commercial fuel management platform that integrates real-time refuelling data for greater visibility and control of airline fuel costs.

A digitalised refuelling process allows airline pilots to log exact refuel amounts for each flight anywhere in the world. This provides an accurate and real-time data source that is fed into Synthesis6, allowing for the most advanced understanding and control of global fuel costs. 

Our integrated platform will combine real-time operational data with contract pricing for detailed insights on physical fuel spend, including fuel costs per route. This facilitates instant and accurate reporting, which will eventually allow the airline to streamline financial planning, tendering, and invoicing.

Alongside better control of fuel costs, Synthesis6 will lead to considerable time savings by automating fuel accounting calculations and validations, using data feeds for product pricing, airport, location, currency, and tax information.

“We’re delighted to be working with i6. Our partnership has allowed us to improve our fuel data availability and accuracy. Alongside considerable time savings, Synthesis6 will allow us to control global fuel costs at a granular level.”

Eve Messenger, Fuel Manager at Virgin Atlantic.

This new platform complements our existing product ecosystem, the ‘i6 Biosphere’, which focuses on using data to manage fuel consumption more efficiently. With our technology, the entire airport fuel supply chain is connected in real-time, allowing for seamless collaboration between airlines, into-plane operators, and fuel suppliers.

“Our commercial aviation software is the next step towards our vision to use data for efficiency, transparency, and sustainability. As fuel demand and costs increase, airlines will be able to make much better decisions around their fuel spend with the most accurate and advanced platform available. Synthesis6 has been tailored to meet global market requirements of today along with the future energy transition.”

Steve Uhrmacher, CEO at i6 Group.

Our technology has now been rolled out at over 150 airports, including Boston Logan International, Toronto Pearson, Dubai International, Bangalore, London Heathrow, and Amsterdam - facilitating entirely paperless operations and reducing the risk of over-fuelling by 50%.

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