PrimeFlight labels i6 technology at Boston Airport ‘priceless’

Following the deployment of our end-to-end solution at Boston Airport (BOS), we sat down with Bob Bodish, PrimeFlight Aviation Service’s Director of Operations at BOS, to tell us about the introduction of i6 technology into their operation.

PrimeFlight Aviation Services support both commercial airlines and airports through a wide range of aircraft, passenger, and security-related services. PrimeFlight operates at more than 125 airports worldwide and boasts more than 40 years of experience in the aviation services industry.

We asked Bob about what changes they’ve seen in their operations since launch and what benefits they’ve gained.

Q: What does the PrimeFlight operation at BOS include?

A: PrimeFlight’s operation at Boston Logan International Airport currently provides into-plane service to five major airlines. In addition, our team provides ground handling, aircraft appearance, and GSE maintenance services.
Q: What does your role and team at the airport involve?

A: As the Director of Operations at BOS, I oversee all facets of our operation, working closely with our customers and my cross-divisional team to ensure our operation maintains a focus on quality, customer service, on-time operations, and most importantly, safety. Locally, I work closely with our fueling general manager, who is focused on our day-to-day fueling service delivery with assistance from the operation manager, duty managers, supervisors, dispatchers, quality control agents, and aircraft fuelers.
Q: What does the day-to-day look like for an Into-plane Operation?

A: Our days always start off with a safety briefing held by the on-duty manager. This is then followed up by the quality control team verifying with the fuelers that the fuel that is being pumped is always clear and bright. Once this is completed, the focus becomes dispatching and fueling to ensure all flights are fueled safely and timely, all the while communicating with our customers and airport stakeholders proactively.
Q: What has your experience with i6 been like so far?

A: We have had a positive experience with i6 so far here in Boston. The platform is very user-friendly, and it has been easy to use for our team, from our managers and dispatchers all the way to our fuel accounting team. 
Q: What benefits have you seen since introducing our into-plane technology?

A: In addition to being very user-friendly to navigate, the system allows management to know exactly where our team members are. In particular, the status bar allows us to see where our fuelers are in the process of servicing a flight. The system also helps us keep our schedules accurate and up to date.
Q: How does i6 technology impact your customers?

A: The ability to turn on your tablet, computer, laptop, or smartphone and watch the operation in real-time is priceless. Customers can check inventories in real-time and can maintain contact and visibility to their operations from anywhere in the world.

At i6, we’re revolutionizing fuel management for airlines, airports, and into-plane operators by digitalizing the entire fuel supply chain. Our industry-leading fuel management technology seamlessly connects business functions to drive operational efficiency and environmental accountability across the globe. 

Get in touch for more information about how you can digitalize your fuelling operations.

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