Employee Spotlight: Deployment Specialist, Chris Vieira, helps deliver our fuel inventory management solution in Canada

We want to celebrate some of the hard work from our amazing team and Employee Spotlights are the perfect opportunity to do that.

So, congratulations to Chris Vieira, our Deployment Specialist based in Toronto, who gets our very first Employee Spotlight! 

As our North American operations are ramping up, Chris has been working with our Canadian customers to deliver our industry-leading fuel inventory management solution, Reconcile6.

Here's what Chris had to say about his i6 journey and recent work:

"Almost 17 months ago, I was offered a great opportunity to work with i6 - the goal was to replace a legacy product for customers and the vision presented by both Alex (COO) and Steve (CEO) was the icing on the cake.

I focused on Fusion6 (our into-plane management platform) as we were preparing to deploy this to the main airports and a cargo facility in Canada. That ensured the hardware was installed and connected to the meters on each vehicle.

My focus then shifted to Reconcile6 (our fuel inventory management solution). I was able to provide input on how the Canadian operations currently work and the required functionality for the product. It's encouraging to see some of these ideas now being available in Reconcile6. 

Early this year, the Reconcile6 deployment started in Canada, and today, only two locations are left to be deployed. They are the largest in Canada: Vancouver (YVR) and Toronto (YYZ). 

The majority of my working life was spent at the Toronto airport and I've seen the effects of technology on the Into-plane and Fuel Farm operations. The old refuel tickets consisted of 7 layers, 4 paper and 3 carbon layers, that transfer the imprints to each paper layer. 

Now at Canadian airports, a paper ticket goes to the pilot while all other parties receive an electronic record. Imagine when the airlines start using eHandshake (our proprietary e-fulling technology). No more paper will be needed and over-fuelling will be drastically reduced. This alone is a huge step towards sustainable aviation. 

In the past, the most up-to-date inventory level was a day old at best. Now with i6, it's just a matter of visiting our Airline Portal to get real-time levels. 

I'm happy and proud to be part of such a talented group that's making a difference. I was, and still am, impressed by what i6 represents to the aviation community."

Chris Vieira, Deployment Specialist

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