We understand the importance of our platform to your business; i6 has significant experience in the design and support of cloud based software solutions for the transportation, critical infrastructure and utility markets.

We operate in a number of sectors including defence, aviation, utility, ground support equipment, rail with future developments planned around sustainable power generation.

Below is a snapshot of our portfolio, get in touch to find out more.


Fusion6 is a fully integrated, end-to-end refuelling management platform built from the ground up to be a secure and reliable, fully hosted application to address the unique requirements and integration needs of the aviation refuelling industry.

- Business Aviation
- Customer Service
- Ramp Services
- Charges & Fees
- Comms
- Certificates

We work collaboratively with our customers to build strong, long term relationships in order to truly understand customer needs and the end-users of our products.


Our airline fuel management service has the capabilities to streamline processes such as;

- Forecasting
- Prices & Contracts
- Operational Costs
- Bulk Storage
- Invoicing
- Accounting


The eHandshake® service is provided via our Fusion6 cloud platform.
The eHandshake® refuelling pilot app runs on mobile device based EFBs and allows the pilot to interact with the fuel order at any stage prior to departure on a particular day.

- 100% paperless refuelling
- Enables signicant savings
- Direct integration with Airline IT systems to capture fuel orders directly
- Fuelling portal available to view live refuels
- Enables real-time data availability for invoice reconciliation
- Removes slow and unreliable manual/verbal information provision
- Reduces manual data-entry errors

We believe stakeholder understanding and ‘buy-in’ is key to the successful delivery of our products, services and support.

We can offer a bespoke service to tailor your needs.

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