Why Cybersecurity is Critical in the Aviation Industry

In any modern business, ensuring the data in your care is kept safely and responsibly is of the utmost importance. With so much of our information stored digitally, in clouds and online locations around the world, cyber-attacks are sadly now a constant threat. Cybercriminals constantly search for new ways to exploit system vulnerabilities, looking to take advantage of sensitive information wherever they can.

As the aviation industry continues to move towards fully digital operations, while this brings much-needed benefits, it also means that the industry has become an attractive target for cybercriminals. Cyber-attacks can potentially target critical systems such as air traffic control, aircraft navigation, and communication systems - any of which could result in catastrophic consequences, including loss of life.

The theft of data such as passenger names and addresses, flight information, or payment details not only greatly affects the lives of those involved, but ultimately makes those impacted lose trust in your business - and when news spreads that customer data may not be safe, the ensuing loss of reputation and trust can be very difficult to re-establish.

Businesses associated with fuel supply chain management are no exception. As well as airline customer data, criminals will also try to gain access to fuel accounting data, employee data, fuel stock data - anything that could be illegally sold or used to their advantage. The economic and environmental damage associated with these attacks could be devastating.

In addition, the aviation industry is highly regulated, and cybersecurity is a crucial aspect of compliance with industry regulations. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has established guidelines for cybersecurity in the aviation industry, which all stakeholders must comply with to ensure the safety and security of the aviation ecosystem.

Unsurprisingly then, aviation-related businesses take cybersecurity extremely seriously, ensuring that their entire end-to-end operation is safe from attack. To do this effectively, they need to ensure that the systems they use comply with the most recent stringent testing and certification standards.

“Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated every day, and it’s essential to take the necessary measures to protect against them. By partnering with i6, businesses can streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve their environmental impact while keeping their digital assets secure.”

- Alex Mattos, COO, i6 Group.

At i6, we prioritise the security of our customers’ data and provide a secure and reliable fuel management cloud solution for airlines, airports, and into-plane operators. Our technology is certified ISO27001, SOC2, and CE+, ensuring we meet the necessary standards for Information Security Management and Data Privacy. 

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