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What we’re building at i6

Fusion6 is the first truly integrated, cloud based, End-to-End Fuel management platform for Aviation and we keep getting bigger every day. With more and more business critical operations around the world using our platform we’re constantly taking on challenges in automation, optimisation and cyber security — all while maintaining a dynamic user experience. We’re building solutions to problems that are scalable, performant and elegant. We’re looking for talented people to help us make a difference.

Moving Faster

We use Google Cloud Services and maintain an AGILE environment to ensure continuous development and to try out new ideas and iterate on existing product features. We love innovating and experimenting with new technology and this is baked into our future development plans. Our engineers regularly attend domestic and international technical conferences.

Learn Together

Engineering at the i6 Group is a continuous process of learning and improvement. We find the best way to learn is through teamwork and getting help from your fellow engineers. Our engineers use real-time informal messaging so that we can keep knowledge sharing flowing — and because coding is more fun when you do it together.

Apprenticeships at the i6 Group

We try to listen, mentor and enable growth. We view apprentices as individuals, the recruiting process is a shared adventure. At i6 we pride ourselves on nurturing talent and are looking for apprentices who are ready to contribute to our business and support our expansion plans.

Our exponential growth over the past year has come with technical challenges. As a new employee, you will be trusted with diverse, critical projects, and you’ll be empowered to build tools, features, and infrastructure. We welcome technically agile candidates who are passionate about innovation and who seek to be part of a company that’s creating global standards.

We're Hiring!

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