Quality Policy

The i6 Group is committed to a quality management system dedicated to meeting the requirements of its customers and of all regulatory requirements applicable to its products and services.

These products and services include the design, deployment, distribution and support of electronic, electro-mechanical and software products as well as legacy product support services for the aerospace and defence industries. This quality management system will as a minimum meet the ISO9001:2015 standard, and be subject to continual review and improvement.

Objectives will be established to ensure that the requirements of this policy are met and performance against these objectives will be monitored and reviewed by management. Communication of this policy throughout the Company and staff training will be key in the achievement of these objectives.

The Company is dedicated to meeting and where possible exceeding customer expectations. To ensure successful implementation of this policy staff are responsible for identifying and satisfying customer requirements as well as raising with management areas where improvements in customer satisfaction can be made.

The Company is committed to operating with safety as its key priority; in products, in the design, consultancy, and operating services it provides, and in the operation of the business. The Company will seek to design and deliver electronics and software products and engineering services in an environmentally sustainable and a socially aware manner.

The Company will establish processes and procedures that assist in the realisation of the needs and objectives of the business. Staff have an obligation to follow and conform with these processes and procedures and to make recommendations for improvement.

“The high quality of our goods and service are essential to the success of our business.”


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