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Our Cloud Platform

Fusion6 is a fully integrated, end-to-end refuelling management platform built from the ground up to be a secure and reliable, fully hosted application to address the unique requirements and integration needs of the aviation refuelling industry. The platform addresses all parts of refuelling cycle with a vision to be a truly integrated, web-age platform supporting the management of aviation fuel.

We work collaboratively with our customers to build strong, long term relationships in order to truly understand customer needs and the end-users of our products along with the local regulation and/or mandatory safety requirements that may need to be considered in specific operational environments. We believe stakeholder understanding and ‘buy-in’ is key to the successful delivery of our products, services and support.

The Fusion6 platform is delivered from a true cloud architecture across multiple regions and zones. This enables high availability, redundancy, scalability and high-performance for providing business critical applications in the Commercial and Business Aviation market.

The main interface with Fusion6 is provided via the web-browser or our mobile applications which provides all dashboards, configuration, user interface and data reporting. This supports real-time status updates and task allocation, scheduling, telemetry and powerful data reporting and visualisation. The Fusion6 in-cab equipment will interface with all types of electronic flow meter registers and will capture and communicate the tasks along with refuelling data.

Integrated Communications

Fusion6 provides a VOIP communications capability through the tablet device and can replace the radio and/or mobile phone communication system currently in use in a significantly more cost effective manner. This enables calls within the system between supervisors, allocators and/or operators and can be configured to suit organisational hierarchy. This can be integrated with existing VOIP communication systems and also with VHF radio communication systems as an additional option.

Bulk Storage

Fusion6 manages inventory and stock ownership including deliveries by multiple methods; pipeline, road tanker, rail, barge. Into-plane deliveries that take fuel via bowser and/or hydrant can update inventory stock in real-time. Daily, monthly and real-time reconciliation and stock loss/gain updates are managed and configurable with business rules. Multiple fuel farms per airport site are supported as well as on-airport transfer pipelines, bowser to bowser fuel transfers as well as a complete history of all movements.


The telemetry module provides vehicle positioning, journey playback and also reporting functionality on the vehicle fleet. In addition to this there is a geo-fencing capability which can be tailored to meet operational site/airport requirements.

Our Crew Interaction App

The eHandshake® service is provided via our Fusion6 cloud platform. This enables the real-time communication between the pilot and the refueller mobile applications in order to increase refuelling accuracy, reduce aircraft turn-around time and increase customer service by removing the need for the refueller to visit the flightdeck.

The eHandshake® refuelling pilot app runs on mobile device based EFBs and allows the pilot to interact with the fuel order at any stage prior to departure on a particular day. Further information and/or platform demonstration can be provided upon request.


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