Anti Bribery Policy

The i6 Group is committed to conducting its business around the world with the highest degree of integrity.

This commitment includes a zero tolerance approach towards all forms of bribery and corruption. With this in mind the group have established a formal compliance programme designed to minimise the risk of bribery and corruption occurring within our group of businesses. This programme includes a comprehensive Anti-Bribery and Corruption Code of Conduct, which has been formally approved by the i6 Group Board of Directors.

Our Code of Conduct extends to all businesses which are part of the i6 Group and wherever the i6 Group or its subsidiaries, associates, partners and/or agents operate. The i6 Group requires that all directors, officers, employees, joint venture partners, agents, advisors and suppliers comply with this Code of Conduct. Any i6 Group Director, officer or employee who is found to have breached this Code of Conduct will be liable to disciplinary action, which may result in dismissal or other sanctions. Breaches of this Code of Conduct by our suppliers, partners, agents or other third party contractors and advisors may result in immediate termination of all contracts with the i6 Group.

Engaging in bribery and corruption whether at home or abroad may constitute a criminal offence, which could expose both the i6 Group and the individuals involved to serious criminal sanctions, including the risk of imprisonment. Everyone working within the i6 Group of Companies has a responsibility to ensure that our businesses are conducted in an ethical manner. The i6 Group expects and relies upon all of the individuals and companies with which it has dealings to play their part in ensuring that this objective is achieved.


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